You are currently viewing Episode 7 – How to Coach Yourself

Episode 7 – How to Coach Yourself

Today I am teaching you the main tool we use in coaching, The Model.

It is so simple yet so powerful.

Here is the Model:

Circumstance (neutral fact)

Thought (one thought you have about the Circumstance

Feeling (a one word emotion that the thought creates)

Action ( what do you do or not do when you are feeling this emotion )

Result (what is the result of these actions, will always tie back to the original thought)


Common model probelms:

Not getting the circumstance completely neutral-no adjectives or opinions!

Too many thoughts-just pick one!

A thought that is a question- answer it and put that in your model.

Feeling is a thought-just choose a one word emotion

Action-be careful to keep the action tied to your feeling in this specific circumstance. How are you showing up?

Result is not about you-result is ALWAYS your result. 

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