When your baby died, you felt like the world stopped.  But it didn’t. It kept turning and you kept going. Now it's time to find yourself again.

Hi! I’m Amy. After four relatively easy pregnancies, we were expecting our fifth child.  Four days before her due date her heart stopped beating. She was perfect, and we were heart broken. We named her Lauren.

A few months later we were pregnant again and I was terrified. And hopeful. But terrified. That little boy was born a few weeks after Lauren’s first birthday and has brought so much joy to our family.

A few years later we were pregnant again. At 14 weeks, just a short while after I felt it was “safe” to tell the other children, there was no heartbeat.  I lost a lot of blood during surgery but made it through.  That experience was different, not better or worse but hard.  We named the baby River.

Even after all that, I still didn’t feel like our family was complete. Our last baby was born early but healthy at 35 weeks after I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. He is truly another blessing in our lives.

I have been deeply involved in baby loss support since 2013. 

Even then, in my deepest grief I would see people saying “you will be sad your whole life.”

And I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I looked around and saw countless people who had been through so much. And I saw that they had JOY in their lives.

That was what I yearned for. And years later with a lot of work, that is what I have found. 

You are not forever broken.

When I decided to become a coach I KNEW these tools would be incredibly helpful to angel moms and those pregnant after loss.  I know first hand what it is to mourn for a child. I know all the thoughts and fears that come up during a rainbow pregnancy. I know what it is like raising rainbow babies and parenting kids through their own grief.   I love the instant bond that we make with other moms who get it. I love seeing the amazing things angel moms do as they live their lives for themselves and for their babies. As Angela Miller says: You are superhero mommas. I truly feel that my experiences have put me on a path to be able to help other women. I know that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

Join me in my three month coaching program.

 After coaching with me, you will be able to look differently at memories that have been causing you pain, possibly for a very long time.  You will be able to improve your relationships by learning to take control of your own experience and come from a place of love and acceptance. You will be able to lessen your anxiety wherever it manifests in your life. You will be able to make decisions quickly and with confidence to move yourself forward, including making decisions about another pregnancy. You will gain strength as you learn that nothing and no one outside of you controls your experience. You do.

If I hadn’t learned all of this myself, I probably would believe it’s possible.  

These tools are going to affect every area of your life….family, work, physical and mental health, even your to-do list! If you are like me and at a place in your life where you are ready to go big and just finally invest in yourself so you can be YOU again, that is what we are going to do.

I am going to show you a future that is not perfect, not always happy, but something BETTER.  It’s a future where you know you can handle anything. 

You will be a good fit for coaching if:

-you have processed through a lot of your grief, but you feel a bit stuck in your life and want to move forward.

-if everything looks great on the outside, and it is….but you still feel something’s missing inside of you.

-you are ready to learn the tools you need to deal with everyday challenges as well as the big stuff life sometimes throws at you.   

-you’ve tried all the things, and read all the books and the blogs and they helped a bit but the same problems just keep coming back.  And you’re over it.    

-you’re excited for the future, even if you don’t quite know what it’s going to look like.  You’re ready.

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