You didn’t choose to say goodbye to your baby, but you can choose to find yourself again.

This is where it gets good! You’ve listened to the Smooth Stones podcast, you know how amazing self coaching is, and you’re ready to get the exact tools you need to get unstuck in your grief and your life.

I’ve got just the right option for you. The first step is to pick what you need to most help with and then come talk to me on a Connection Call.

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This is a powerful moment. It’s time to take care of you.

Got grief? I'll show you step by step how to heal your heart after babyloss. You don't have to do this alone.

Pregnancy after loss is no joke. If you're pregnant now or planning to be soon, this is the place for you.

Want life after loss coaching that fits your busy schedule? I've got you covered.

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Not sure if you can handle trying again? I’ve got you.

Stop Blaming Yourself Mini Course

Let go of the guilt so you can finally get unstuck.

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