Find Yourself Again after Baby Loss

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Hello, I’m Amy Watson. What grief broke apart, I can show you how to put back together.

Hello, I’m Amy Watson. What grief broke apart, I can show you how to put back together. 

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Heal your heart

Miscarriage, stillbirth or babyloss hurts like nothing else. Learn how grief and love can truly coexist so you can feel whole again. 

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Heal your mind

Learn how to calm the voices in your head and find peace no matter what happens next.

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Heal your relationships

Grief changes relationships with the people you love and yourself. Learn how to bring them back stronger than ever.

Are you tired of feeling broken?

Do you:

Struggle to answer simple questions like “how many kids do you have?”

Spend way too much time worrying what people think about how you are grieving?

Feel like you not only lost your baby but a LOT of friends?

Wish you could connect more with your partner?

Blame yourself or your body (or, let’s be honest, BOTH) for what happened?

Avoid triggers like you’re crossing a minefield every day?

Hate feeling stuck but don’t know how to change it?

If you said yes to any of these questions, I’ve got you. I understand how you feel, and I’ll show you how to put the pieces back together.



Once you know what’s actually happening and why, you can stop fighting your grief and start learning to embrace it.


You saw everything with your baby in it, and now that’s changed. Learning how to dream again will open up new possibilities and excitement you haven’t felt in a long time.


There’s just something about connecting with another babyloss mom. You don’t have to explain everything or worry they’ll think you’re crazy and that is such a relief.



Stop trying to “think positive” when you really need a good cry in a hot shower. You get the best of somatic processing, emotion work and awareness of your thoughts to feel better fast.

Finding yourself again after babyloss is the most important work you can do for you and everyone who loves you.

Start to feel better in just three easy steps…

Take the mini course (It’s free!)

I have never met a loss mom who doesn’t blame herself in some way for what happened. Letting go of that pain will be like taking off a heavy backpack you don’t need to carry anymore.

Come to a consult call (also free!)

Take things to the next level and connect with Amy so she can help you find the connection to yourself again.

Join the program (worth every penny)

This is where the magic happens. Work one on one with Amy to gently come back to yourself so you can look forward to life again!


You know in your head it wasn’t your fault, but you can’t stop. You had one job-keep the tiny human alive-and you failed.

Listen Sister, you don’t have to live like this anymore. You deserve better.

In this mini course you’ll receive one brief video per day for five days, right to your inbox. Learn step by step how to change the pain into peace. I promise it’s possible for you.
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    Finding yourself blesses not just you but everyone around you.

    I know what it’s like to feel like your identity is all wrapped up in the loss of your child. Grief is ever present and it’s hard to focus on much else. But you have a family and so much to do so you try to compartmentalize and shove down the emotions so you can function. Or you find yourself overwhelmed by emotions that seem to be directing your life. You know it’s not healthy or sustainable, but you don’t know what to do about it.

    After our daughter was stillborn I was trying to juggle everything on my plate. I had little heartbroken children to take care of, a husband who grieved by staying busy and working a lot, responsibilities at church and school, plus bills to pay and food to prepare and laundry…oh yes the laundry… like folding the clothes I had just washed for our daughter to wear. Except she didn’t. 

    What was my life? Who even was I? 

    I started searching for how to figure this all out…

    I read all the books and joined all the support groups. I started doing lots of service for angel baby charities. I got pregnant, and was terrified the whole time. I felt like I couldn’t will myself to be anything but scared. That baby lived. Then we lost another one, then we had our last baby. 

    Along the way, I realized that I was still me, and that grief was now a part of my life. And the sooner I accepted that, the better everything would be. I wanted to honor my children in heaven by living for them. I wanted to show my living children that we can do hard things. I wanted every mother who came after me to have the things she needed to figure this out for herself.

    That’s why I’m here, and I’m so glad you are, too!

    What Loss Moms are Saying

    Whitney Barnes
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    I would highly recommend Amy as a coach for Mothers who have experienced pregnancy loss, or who are pregnant or want to be pregnant after the death of their baby. Amy is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. I feel like she genuinely loves me and wants to help me. She understands the deep pain that accompanies grieving a child because she has two angel babies, Lauren, who was born still, and River who joined his sister at 14 weeks. She is a skilled Life Coach, and has a helped me recognize my own strength and taught me to have compassion with myself. Amy has helped me notice and change thoughts that were causing me unnecessary pain. She has helped me see grief in a different light. Amy believed their was hope for me, when I couldn't believe it myself. She has been such a kind friend, someone who I desperately needed in the darkest period of my life. I don't feel trapped by grief anymore. Grief has not left, but when it comes I know what to do.
    Lauren Cechak
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    Working with Amy has been a blessing during what I previously thought was just a really dark time. After losing my daughter Rivers, I did go to therapy, but I felt like I was constantly explaining my situation since she was stillborn without an explanation. Instead of feeling better after therapy I often felt drained or even more confused about my feelings. Amy has allowed me to work through these complicated feelings without feeling judged. In short- she gets it. While I am very much still in this process, I often hear her voice when I start to feel guilty, anxious, nervous, and fearful. I use the tools she has given me daily to help me navigate these emotions and I've realized that I'm no longer at the mercy of my circumstance. Her podcast and Instagram have helped reinforced things that we discussed during our sessions. I think the most important thing I've learned is that I don't have to live the rest of my life without forgiving myself, and that is a very powerful gift.
    Danielle R.
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    Learning to navigate life following babyloss/infant loss is like walking through a minefield. There are so many moments you feel in control and then out of no where an image, scent, smell, or comment can throw you into the depths of grief. It's a difficult path to choose to walk alone. Amy helps "walk along side" you in this journey. Amy's kindness, caring, and compassion for helping others will truly help YOU take control of your life. Do it, you won't regret it!

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