Stop holding your breath and start enjoying this pregnancy.

After my daughter was stillborn at full term, I wanted to get pregnant so badly. Not to replace her, but to help fill our hearts and our arms. When I saw those two pink lines, I had my first ever panic attack. Grieving and growing a new baby at the same time was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Nothing felt safe. I couldn’t believe I’d get to bring this baby home. I wanted so much to be able to connect with this new baby but it all seemed so scary. 

I wished someone could just help me find some peace in the ever present fear.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, I’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for.

When you join the Pregnancy after Loss Peace Program you will get the support you need in these 5 key areas:

Not sure why no amount of positive thinking or chanting “different pregnancy, different outcome” can stop your blood pressure from spiking as you go in for check ups, think about buying baby things or even when you wipe in the bathroom? It’s because your body doesn’t feel safe. I’ll share some simple, doable techniques to care for your body when it feels in danger.

Most women have a complicated relationship with their body to begin with, then it was rocked when your baby died. It can feel really hard to trust that your body is going to do what it needs to do to keep your baby safe.  I’ll help you wrap yourself in a big, fuzzy blanket of compassion and rebuild that trust so you can love your body even better than you ever have before.

From dealing with family members who just think you should be happy, to answering questions like “Is this your first?” at the grocery store, to advocating for yourself and your baby to get the best possible care, you need to know how to find your voice and use it throughout your pregnancy and beyond. I’ll help you figure out what you really want and how to say it so you feel confident no matter what.

Connecting with your baby and giving them the love you know they deserve is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy after loss. Your heart isn’t sure it can take the pain of another loss so you pull back to protect yourself. Then you feel guilty for not being able to be the mom you want to be. It used to be easy before you knew grief. You wish you could be naive again. I’ll show you the power of letting yourself connect with your baby in small and simple ways so you can enjoy each day you get to spend with this little soul.

Still squeezing into your pants because you’re afraid to buy maternity clothes? Feeling paralyzed picking out wallpaper for the nursery? Not subscribing to baby updates but sneaking onto the website to find out what fruit your baby is this week anyway? Planning for the future can feel so ridiculously hard. I’m going to walk with you every step of the way and help you make decisions you feel good about for today and as you prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Are you ready to find Peace?
Let's do this.

The details:

  • The initial program is 3 months of weekly 45 minute Zoom sessions.

What you get :

  • Emotional support from someone who gets it. You don’t have to explain yourself, mama. I’ve been there 3 times including experiencing a second loss and a high risk pregnancy.
  • Exercises to calm your nervous system when life gets overwhelming.
  • Access to My Grief Beachbag – a powerful mindset tools shared in short, digestible video and audio.
  • Custom one-on-one coaching to dig down to the root of your pain so finding peace becomes simple and easy.

All of these are priceless, but since you’re probably wondering what the investment is…don’t worry, I’m going to tell you! 

It’s $333 per month for 3 months for a total of $999. 

Taking care of your mental and emotional health is one of the most important things you can do for you and your baby. 

All you need to do is show up and I’ll take care of the rest. 

After the initial 3 months we will check in and see what support you need. If you want to continue weekly sessions, we’ll do that until baby is here and through the first month of postpartum. If you’re feeling more confident we can adjust your support to just what you need. I’ll be there all the way.

Got questions? Come to a connection call and I’ll answer them. 

Ready to feel better and have the support and guidance you’ve been missing? Let’s do this. Book your connection call today.

I love to spoil my clients! You get these bonuses when you sign up: Unlimited Voxer access.Voxer is a free text and voice messaging app. Connect in real time whenever you need support. Welcome gift....I won't tell you what's in it because it's a surprise, but who doesn't love getting things in the mail! Unlimited excitement by yours get someone to share all the milestones with when it's hard to know who to talk to. I want to know exactly what vegetable you are this week!