You are currently viewing Episode 23 – Becoming Trigger Proof

Episode 23 – Becoming Trigger Proof

So many of us who have been through a loss can find that there are certain things that trigger big emotional reactions. We end up wanting to eat all the chocolate, crawl in bed and just cry for days. But there comes a point where that just doesn’t work anymore.

In today’s episode I am teaching you how to become trigger proof. What this means is you are able to look at your most common triggers and learn how to neutralize them so they don’t affect you any more. I explain the steps to do this which are: Recognize, neutralize, question your story and then have confidence that you can heal and move forward no matter what you’ve been through. 

Whether your triggers are related to your miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of your infant, these tools are going to change the way you look at what you are capable of.

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