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{Guest Spot} Latter-Day Life Coaches

We all experience loss in our lives but when the loss happens early during pregnancy or even soon after, many don’t know what to do to support the grieving parents. 

Coach Amy Watson experienced two baby losses, one at 14 weeks and then a stillbirth at 39 weeks. She now works with women who have experienced similar loss and helps them navigate the grieving process. She is on the podcast today giving many helpful tips on how to deal with baby  loss if you have experienced it yourself or if you know someone who has experienced it, what you can do to support a family member or friend through this process. Amy is honest but loving in this conversation with Heather and brings a lot of hope to those dealing with baby loss. 

If you or someone you know could use Amy’s help, make sure to check out her podcast and website information so you can work with her. 

Listen here.

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