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Episode 124 – Make Room for Magic

Make room for magic.


Welcome. We’ve got the first podcast episode of 2023. I’m recording this in January, and I welcome all of you who are here. Or if you’re listening later, this is still gonna be super, super relevant for you. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for. A long time. I think the past few months I’ve just been talking to a lot of people and there’s been a lot of heaviness and a lot of fear, a lot of wondering like what is coming next in this world, and I really wanted to bring some light and some just different energy into this new year.

So I’m really excited to kick it off with this episode. If you are feeling kind of dark, like in the pit of despair, by the end of this episode, you are gonna find some light. If you’re feeling me like things are okay, but you know, it’s just. Life is feeling very lifey. We’re gonna add some magic for you and if you are feeling excited going into this new year and you’ve got things in the works that you really wanna get done and.

Things are going well for you. We are gonna pour some gas onto that and get your fire going and really just add that spark that you need to make your dreams happen. So wherever you are, this is the episode for you. I want you to listen all the way through and just take the gems that you need. But I really wanna connect with you.

That’s something I really wanna work on this year, is just connecting with other lost parents. This is something that I really felt impressed to share with you personally. You listening? So let’s get started. What I called this episode is Make Room for Magic. Now, what is magic? Everyone’s gonna define it differently, but I think if you look at any culture, religion, throughout history, even now, there’s always just this mysterious, unknown energy that is working for us.

And that’s how I wanna define magic. I think it’s that unexplainable thing that is gonna come in and help you and. As if you’ve been listening for a while or if you haven’t, we talk a lot about taking responsibility and creating your own results. We believe that our thoughts create our results. That the way we feel is in our power and, and that, you know, we really do have control over our lives.

When I say magic, I’m talking about this thing that is outside of us. But I think that it’s gonna be easier to get in touch with that magic to find it, to make room for it if you do it on purpose. That’s why I wanna call it make room for it, right? It’s there, it’s out there. It wants to come to you, but we have to make room for it.

We gotta look for it. We gotta do our part to let the magic happen. For a lot of people when you’re grieving, especially in the early days, grief just sucks that magic and it’s just like, I’m not gonna do it with my hands, but I wanna just smack my hands together and just, it’s reality, right? It just in your face reality of how much we don’t control and how much pain there is in this world, and just all you guys know what I’m saying.

How grief just can really suck the air out, sucks the magic out, and you’re faced with what seems like a very unmedical thing. Or maybe you feel like there’s almost this darkness that caused this terrible thing to happen to you, right? But. The reality is there is magic out there and you just gotta be looking for it.

Once you start looking for it, you are gonna see it everywhere. So I’ve got a couple of really simple steps that are gonna help you to make room for magic. The first step is you gotta believe in it. Do you believe in magic? Have you ever believed in it? Maybe you’ve been kind of a practical person and you never really believed in magic.

You just, you know, kind of put your head down and you feel like if you do what you’re supposed to, then you’re gonna get good things back. And it is kind of, um, transactional in that way, right? Like, what I put in is what I’m gonna get out. Have you believed in it in the past and now with everything you’ve been through, you kind of lost that belief.

Or maybe you’ve never lost it, right? Maybe you’ve always known in whatever way you’ve defined it, you’ve known that there’s magic. But what’s really important is we have to believe it. And if you’re listening to this, I want you to just take a minute and like close your eyes and even just feel like. Feel your body.

Feel the air around you. Feel the sunlight on your face. Feel whatever is near you and just see, can I even bring some sparks into my body? Can I bring some magic? Is there an energy out there that’s connecting with the energy inside of me? And feel it. If you are religious, you can pray right? Connect with the divine, connect with the universe, connect with the magic that is there.

If you don’t believe it, I can believe it for you until you can see it and you don’t have to. I’m never gonna force someone to believe in something they don’t want to. But what if you just tried? What if you just said, you know what? I’m a very practical evidence-based person, and I don’t know that there’s magic out there in the universe, but what if there is, right?

It’s almost like an experiment. So if you have one of those kinda logical scientific brains, this is a great opportunity to just test it, right? So we wanna put out our theory, our hypothesis, what do we think? Step into believing that it’s out there. And that it’s wants to come and be in your life. Belief is so important, and maybe you need to take a look at the things you’ve been told and the things you have believed in the past, and whether or not they conflict with believing in magic.

Our second step is invite the magic. This also could be called a lot of things. Some people call it manifesting. Some people say the universe is always conspiring in your favor. That’s what a lot of my mentors say. That’s how they define it. Um, sometimes we just say, you see what you look for, right? Like there is something to, if you look for magic, you will find it because you’ve given your brain that job.

And that’s something we talk a lot about here and that I believe in, right? Whatever we look for, we’re going to find. You can also define it as God’s blessings, um, or blessings from whatever you believe in, but you need to call it in, right? Bring it to you. This is the part that is up to you. Um, I had a special blessing one time in my life and it.

It really told me, and I don’t know the exact words, but it basically said, it’s all there. Like it is waiting for you and all you need to do is ask for it. All you need to do is look for it, right? So what if you just imagine, and again, take a breath, close your eyes and think, can you even do a visualization and envision, maybe it’s.

A person up above you sitting on the clouds, which with a big bucket full of sparkling jewels and they wanna pour it out on you. Maybe you imagine it like looking out into the darkness and one star lights up and then another, and another, and another, and you finally see that there are stars everywhere around you.

Maybe you’ll visualize your baby. Your baby who wants to walk with you and help you and bring you things. Isn’t that what children do? I’m just envisioning like a little toddler. Uh, they get in that stage where they will just, they wanna bring you like every block one by one by one by one. And you just have to say thank you or like the toy kitchen.

Right. And I’m just closing my eyes as I speak to you. I really just had a super. A basic outline for this message. I really wanted it to come from energy, and so this is just me closing my eyes and thinking, how could I envision magic coming to me? How could I envision the universe wanting to bless me and bringing me the things that I desire most?

So I want you to do that for yourself because what’s most powerful is for you to visualize that and then keep it with you. Use it, practice it over and over, right? Put it on a Post it note. Write it in your journal. Draw, paint, create something that reminds you. That you need to make room for this magic because it is there.

It’s just waiting for you to welcome it and invite it and you wanna use it. Right? And some of you might be saying, I, I don’t know how to do this. We’re not gonna get stuck on the how. I don’t think this is something where, I mean, I’m giving you steps, but I don’t think there is a real step by step. It really is an energy thing.

It really is putting out intentions and allowing things to come to you. Um, but once you start drawing it in, once you are feeling it, once you are noticing it, then you gotta use it, right? You gotta kind of keep inviting it in and calling it to you and, and then, you know, use that magic, spread that magic.

Enjoy that magic. And that is the third step I have for you, which is to notice the results. What happens when you start doing this, when you go into a new year, if you’re listening, um, where you know when this episode is new or anytime, this really isn’t a New Year’s thing, right? But as soon as you shift your mind, you shift your energy, you shift what you’re looking for.

Notice what happens Now, I recently, I have a small example, but I don’t generally enter a ton of giveaways and I’ve done giveaways and what always happens is no matter who wins, they always say what you guys can probably guess. They always say, I never win anything. Right. And that’s kind of what we say, because yeah, it’s probably rare.

You know, a lot of times we put in, you know, uh, some sort of drawing or whatever it is. And yeah, the odds are not in your favor. It might be rare, but we have this thought. I never win anything and a lot of times I have an Instagram. It’s at amy dot Smooth Stone’s Coaching. I hope you’ll join me over there.

But I tend to not enter giveaways that I see like other loss accounts doing cuz I am like, I’m happy in my life. I don’t need more stuff. I really want someone else to win. But I actually have won a few Instagram. I think I’ve won three Instagram giveaways and I barely enter any. And that is in the last like maybe year or two.

And I just recently won. It was so interesting. So I have a friend and she is doing a fundraiser to help raise money for someone to do I v F. Every Christmas she raises $10,000. Um, her account is called The Baby for Christmas. You should go follow it. And I’d been watching her post and meaning to donate and I just hadn’t done it.

And you know, just the holidays, everything was busy, but it was kind of getting closer to the end and I thought I’ll just give a little tiny bit of money. Uh, not a big deal. It’s something I have decided to do actually, um, again, in the last year or two, I just thought if I see a fundraiser, like I’ll give $5 and, you know, try to help that way cuz I think every little bit adds up.

So I donated, I shared cause I think it’s a great cause. And then I saw that she was doing a giveaway and if you donated and you shared you could enter this giveaway. And I was like, oh, I just did that like for fun. Cuz I love my friend and I love what she does and I love like this fundraiser and, and so I was like, oh, I’ll just comment like not a big deal.

Well, a little while ago, a couple days ago, I got a DM that I won. I won this giveaway and now this is kind of a funny little example. I honestly, I tend to, I’m one of those people that thinks you shouldn’t really share if you try to do some good, that you should keep it on the down low. But the thing is, I won and this time I wasn’t like, I never win, or that’s, you know, I just allowed for it and received it.

And I just said, that’s so amazing. And I said, what do you need from me? And she said, I need your address. So I gave her my address and I have a Stanley Cup coming to me. And it’s so funny because I do not own a Stanley Cup, if you’re not aware of Stanley Cups that are like these super fancy, kind of overpriced, um, water.

Bottle cup things. There’s multiple different types of Stanley’s, but especially where I live, it’s kind of a joke and I have some friends and we joke about it and I am like the only one in my group of friends that doesn’t have a Stanley. And I was like, I’m really not gonna spend that kind of money on a water bottle.

And I ended up getting some Costco. Um, they’re basically fake sand leaves, but they’re amazing and I use them every day and I love to drink tons of water and. It works, but that magic of like, maybe I’ll have a Stanley one day, but I just don’t, it’s not something I wanna like invest a lot of time and energy.

The weird thing is they sell out all the time, right? I guess that’s how you get the, um, the demand up. But you have to get them exactly the day they come out or they’re gone. And I’ve never wanted to like get on their email list and buy it right away. And I’ve never wanted to spend that much money. But all of that to say is, That’s just been floating around, right?

I didn’t even technically sit down and write down, I want a Stanley Cup one day. Um, I didn’t write down, I’m gonna win this giveaway. I literally was just living my life and, you know, doing what I do and kind of just letting it be there. And, uh, Stanley is coming to me. Like I did something that I normally would just do.

It took basically no effort and it’s like I’m just getting a Stanley now and I’m kind of excited. I’m excited to see if they’re as amazing as everyone says, and that’s just a tiny little example. Of following these steps because what I did is I believe in it. I believe that if I wanted a Stanley, I could buy one.

I just chose not to, but I thought they’re kind of cool. Maybe someday I’ll have one. You know? That would be fun. They look cute or whatever. And then I invited that magic, right? I just let it be around me. Right. And I just have changed my belief because probably before, I mean, I always kind of believe that good things happen and there there’s a lot of ways where I did believe and I have a lot of faith, and so I believe that like my.

Heavenly father wants to bless me. So I’ve always kind of had that belief, but I think really opening up to this magic and just putting out what I want into the universe and believing it will come to me. That’s been a really fun journey, and that’s what I want for you. And then the third step is notice the results, right?

I notice I won and I allowed for it, and. I’m not pushing it away. I’m not, you know, I’m sharing it here with you, which again, normally I, I wouldn’t even be like, look at me, I won. Right. Because we’re told like, don’t brag about stuff like that, or don’t hurt anybody’s feelings cuz maybe they entered that giveaway and they didn’t win.

Yeah. I’m just allowing it to come to me and I’m grateful. Like, I’m so excited. I’m excited for my, I’m excited to get it in the mail. And I’ll have to, you’ll have to hop on Instagram stories. I’ll have to share there, but that’s, that’s what it is. That is making room for magic. Instead of saying, I never win.

You gotta say, this is my year. This is my time. I’m gonna win. I was coaching someone who said, you know, I don’t, I want another baby, but I don’t know. Like, how could I even create that? And it’s like, I don’t know. We don’t always have control over whether or not we have a living baby. What would be different if you made room for magic as you look in your career?

What would be different if you made room for magic in your family, in your relationships, in your hopes, in your dreams? I think that angel moms need to have big dreams. You need to have something to look forward to, and you need to believe that you’re gonna get it. And part of that is you, right? Part of that is taking the reins and taking the power and making it happen, but I also want you to believe in that magic, that spark, that energy that wants you to have what you want.

It’s so important. And I think it’s something we miss when we really get bogged down in the how and the details and all of it. I want you to make room for magic, and I want you to listen. And pay attention as you go throughout your life. What are the little things I was thinking about the little magics, like so many people have different signs they feel like come from their, their baby or their loved one who’s passed on.

It could be pennies, it could be feathers, it could be cardinals, it could be, you know, seeing certain numbers on the clock. Whatever you believe. Isn’t it just a little bit of magic? That those things show up in your path that’s making room for magic. You’re already doing it if you’re doing that right.

What do you want to believe about yourself? If you believed in magic, what would you be able to believe about yourself? What would you believe that you could achieve if you knew that there was this glittery, sparkly dust that is gonna help you to get it? I want this so much for you. I don’t know, you guys cannot see me, but I am like shaking my hands and I’m just so pumped up for this year.

I have just so many things planned. I gotta tell you about the one I have for January, and again, this is really about building connections. I wanna offer you to come and talk to me. On a special make room for Magic Call, I’m gonna give you a free 45 minute session with no strings attached just to plan out your year, your dreams, to really make room for the magic of this year.

And I am. I’m thinking that I’m only gonna put this out on the podcast and to people who are on my email list as an offer. I don’t have a ton of spots open. Uh, so if you wanna do this, if you’re listening and you’re like, I don’t feel any magic. I need to talk to Amy. Or you’re thinking, oh, I can feel the magic brewing and I’ve got such big things I wanna do, come and talk to me, or you are, all you need to do is send me an email.

Amy a m Send me an email, say I wanna make room for magic in January, and I will get you all set up. We’ll find a time, we’ll get together on Zoom and I want you to come into that call ready. For the magic and for the energy and for your mind to really be blown with figuring out what you really, really want.

These are gonna be so fun. So again, email me, amy smooth stones I will get you all set up. This is only gonna be in January, so if you’re listening and you’re thinking about it, let’s do it. If you’re listening to this after January, 2023, you can still go to my website and sign up for a connection call.

Uh, I will help you out and talk to you there about coaching, but these calls are going to be like so incredible. I cannot wait. I will see you there. I love you. Make room for magic. It is all around you, my friend. I’ll see you next time. Are you tired of feeling like your baby’s dad was somehow your fault?

Go to Smooth Stones and get my free mini course. How to Stop blaming Yourself After Loss.

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