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How many people will be at the retreat?

There will be ten participants, plus Amy and Katherine

Can I bring a nursing baby?

No. We love babies but it’s important to have time just for adults. There will be more retreats, plan on coming to the next one.

What if I am pregnant?

Yes, if you are safe to travel and choose to come, you are welcome.

Will there be pregnant people there? It’s a trigger for me.

Possibly. But don’t worry, we are going to help you feel comfortable and safe at this retreat. You can totally handle pregnant bellies. Listen to my podcast on Becoming Trigger-Proof before coming.

Will I be sharing a room?

Yes. You can choose your room at checkout. Two rooms have two queen beds. One room has a king bed. If you don’t want to share with someone you don’t know, please invite an angel mom friend.

What about Covid?

All reasonable precautions will be taken, including having everyone test before arriving. You can choose to wear a mask and social distance if you would like. However, we will all be in one condo together. You assume the risk by being there.

Can I sleep somewhere else and still attend?

Sure. The ticket price will be the same.

What meals will be provided?

Dinner Wednesday evening, Breakfast and lunch Thursday and Friday, and breakfast Saturday.

If you have dietary restrictions, please email after registration and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

What about parking?

Technically, the resort informed me we only get one parking spot. However, ski season will be over and there should be plenty of room. Amy will make sure we have somewhere to park your car.

Where is it?

Address information will be sent out to those who register.

What should I bring?

A packing list will be sent out to those who register. Be aware that April in Park City could have any kind of weather. There is a pool and hot tub available and we will have morning movement available each day. You may want workout clothes and a mat.

Where do I fly in to?

The Salt Lake City airport is the best one. You can get an Uber to the resort, the drive is about 30 minutes by car.

Who is this retreat for?

This is a women’s retreat for moms who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or infancy.  We respectfully ask anyone who has not gone through this experience to not attend.

What is the vibe going to be?

This retreat will be warm and welcoming. We will be pretty relaxed. You will have plenty to do but also down time to socialize or do your own thing. Our goal is to have you leave feeling lighter than when you came. We will accomplish this by providing community, coaching, and fun. You might cry, but you’re going to laugh a lot, too. Tissues will be provided.

Any other questions, please email