Lauren's 6th Birthday Fundraiser

Thank you so much for helping Teeny Tears! There are a few ways to donate, pick the one that is easiest for you, donate and then share! We’re only asking 60 seconds and $6! 

You can totally handle that.

Venmo:  @teeny-tears  Please note “Happy Birthday Lauren” on your donation!  

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Teeny Tears is a 501C3 charity.  Everyone working on this project is a volunteer.  All money raised will go to serving families going through one of the hardest moments in their lives.  A tiny diaper, ready and waiting at the hospital in just the right size is such an immeasurable gift! Not just for the families, but for the professionals caring for them.  A second, identical diaper to take home and hold forever is so meaningful.  Teeny Tears is committed to providing, free of charge, diapers to every family and every baby who needs them.  

Costs are kept very minimal as most individual volunteers provide material, time and shipping charges as they are able, but many hospitals are served by our headquarters and shipping is the largest expense. Money also is needed for materials to sew diapers, blankets and make little hats.  

I found Teeny Tears after the loss of my daughter. Although she did not need these tiny clothes, sewing them became therapy for me in a very tough time. I have gotten to know the ladies who run this charity and they are the kindest people you will meet. I love the heart that goes into each and every diaper.  I love that each item is donated in memory of an angel. Our babies live on and do so much good.  I wish there wasn’t a need for this service. I wish these little diapers would sit and collect dust.  But the need is there, every day, as thousands of families each year say goodbye so much sooner than they wanted to.  Thank you so much for helping make such a difference on a very tough day.