I'm ready to start!

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you?If so, I can help. 

Do you still find it hard to talk about your baby because you are worried about what other people will think or how they will react?

Do you wish you could connect more with your husband? Especially about your loss?

Are you finding it impossible to decide if you should try to have another baby?

Do you want another baby but can’t decide when the right time is?

Are you pregnant after loss and worrying. And then worrying about your worrying?

Did you start a blog or charity in remembrance of your angel but you’re not sure what to do with it now? 

Do you want to stop being so frustrated with your living children?

Do you still blame yourself or your body for what happened?

Are you feeling healed from your loss but you are ready to gain confidence and learn to love yourself again?

I specialize in life after loss and pregnancy after loss but I can coach you in any area you need help.  Everything I teach you is going to spread ripples to all the areas of your life.  

I can’t wait to meet you!