Event Postponed

Alexia from Mainstream Miscarriage and Amy from Smooth Stones Coaching are planning a delicious brunch in September. Even better than the food will be the company.

Join us for a day with moms who get it, so many treats, inspiration, service and even swag bags! (and these swag bags are going to be so good, y’all!)

You deserve a few hours to pamper your heart with besties you haven’t even met yet!

Date: This event has been postponed. We are so sad to have missed our time with you. Keep following us on Social media or sign up below to be the first to hear when another live event is coming. 


Can I bring my baby? No, this is a time for you to focus on you. And for all loss moms to feel safe. You deserve two hours to yourself, friend.

Can I come if I’m pregnant? Yes. Bring your cute belly to the event!

Will there be pregnant people? That’s hard for me. There might be. But you can handle that. Reach out to Amy or Alexia on Instagram and we’ll talk you through it. Everyone there has been through loss. We support each other. Don’t let the fear of seeing a belly keep you from all the goodness. 

What if I don’t have anyone to come with me? Come anyway! You won’t feel alone once you get in the room. Walk straight over to us and we’ll take care of you.  

What’s in the swag bags? ohhh, you’ll have to come to see!

What’s on the menu? I have dietary restrictions. Please reach out after you’ve signed up and let us know, we have a variety of options that should work. The food will be yummy but the company is where it’s at so you’ll definitely want to be there no matter what.

What should I wear? Wear what you love best. Be comfy. There’s no dress code.